Indicators for assessing sustainable elimination of IDD

Criteria for tracking progresstowards elimination of IDD

Indicator Goal
Salt iodisation

Proportion of Households consuming adequately iodised salt

Urinary Iodine

Median in the general population

Median in pregnant



Programmatic Indicators Attainment of indicators At least 8 of 10

Program indicators for tracking progress towards sustainable elimination of IDD in India

S no Indicator
1 Presence of a national multi-sector coalition
2 Demonstration of political commitment
3 Enactment of legislation and supportive regulations on universal salt iodization
4 Establishment of methods for assessment of progress in the elimination of IDD
5 Access to laboratories to provide accurate data on salt and urinary iodine levels and thyroid function.
6 Establishment of a programme of education and social mobilization
7 Routine availability of data on salt iodine content, at the factory level at least monthly, and at the household level at least every five years.
8 Routine availability of population-based data on urinary iodine every five years
9 Demonstration of ongoing cooperation from the salt industry
10 Presence of a national database for recording of results of regular monitoring procedures which include population-based householdcoverage and urinary iodine