What We DO

Conducting IDD Surveys

South Asia Regional Office of the ICCIDD Global Network has been conducting national surveys to monitor the status of universal salt iodization and iodine nutrition in the community. These surveys are conducted to feed the programmatic needs of the IDD elimination programmes. ICCIDD Global Network provides technical support, laboratory back up and external quality control. ICCIDD played a key role in National Iodine surveys conducted in Bangladesh and India. Some of the surveys conducted in India included:

1. IDD Survey in seven states of the country (2000-2006)

View summary of the survey result

2. Iodized Salt Coverage Study 2010 – Click here to download

3. First National IDD Survey, Bangladesh (1993)

4. Second National IDD Survey, Bangladesh (1999)

5. Third National Survey on Iodine Deficiency Disorders and Universal Salt Iodization in Bangladesh (2005)

2. Advocacy

ICCIDD Global Network is involved in policy advocacy and advocacy with consumers for promotion of universal salt iodization. ICCIDD Global Network closely works with ministries of health and family welfare, commercial industries, food safety and standards of India, consumer organization, NGOs, salt producers and traders, and other civil society organization for promotion of USI. ICCIDD Global Network played a key role in reinstatement of ban on sale of non-iodized salt in 2005 in India. Formation of National Coalition for Sustained Iodine Intake in India and Bangladesh was another achievement of ICCIDD Global Network in terms for advocacy to promote USI.

An advocacy event with Salt Producers at Ahmedabad in November 2013

3. Research

ICCIDD Global Network has been traditionally involved in research in Iodine deficiency disorders since its inception. ICCIDD Global Network has conducted various researches focusing impact of iodine deficiency on cognitive potential of children, neonatal hypothyroidism, methods for estimation of iodine in urine and salt. ICCIDD Global Network team has various publications in reputed national and international journals. Following are few of the landmark researches in last three decades:

1. Extra-Himalayan foci of Goitre in India

2. Burden of hypothyroidism in eastern Uttar Pradesh

3. Impact of iodine deficiency on cognitive potential of children

4. Development of microplate method for estimation of iodine in urine

5. Validation of Spot Testing Kit for estimation of iodine in salt

4. Training and Capacity Building

ICCIDD Global Network has been involved in training and capacity building for laboratory monitoring of salt iodization and iodine nutrition status. ICCIDD Global Network has been conducting training programmes for laboratory personnel from countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, DPR Korea, Nepal, Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. ICCIDD Global Network has also been training laboratory personnel’s from NGOs like MI and Salt producers. ICCIDD is involved in implementation of quality assurance programme in iodized salt production facilities in India and Sri Lanka. Workshops have conducted for laboratory training in India, Indonesia and DPR Korea

5. Stakeholder Alignment

ICCIDD Global Network has been actively involved in facilitating the alignment of activities conducted by various stakeholders for achievement of Universal Salt Iodization and sustainable elimination of IDD in the region. National Coalition for Sustained Optimal Iodine Intake (NSOI) in India is a platform for aligning various activities of different stakeholders like policy makers, salt producers, consumers and partner agencies.


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